The Trust Process

We believe it takes a trusted team of people to secure a business with today’s ever changing technology. We are the team you can trust to help keep your business secure and moving forward, allowing you to focus on what you do best. We use a trusted, people-centered approach in everything we do.


ABP makes employees feel safer about their work and performance through our TRUSTED approach of Cybersecurity Health Assessment and Employee Training.


We quickly identify vulnerabilities with your people and machines with our Cybersecurity Health Assessment. This comprehensive analysis of all systems, tools, people, roles and responsibilities map your current state and provide the ability to quantify risk and predict the impact of risk on the organization. The end result is a total health road-map to success.


Businesses need a cybersecurity strategy to protect their own business, their customers, and their data from growing cybersecurity threats. We author & deliver state of the art Policies and Procedures as the living foundation to our client’s long term cyber-health.


We inventory hardware and software in order to optimize your procedures. We utilize your environment to recommend best practices. Supporting both desktop and mobile devices requires tremendous knowledge. We put a plan in place to deal with lost or stolen devices and data. Stuff happens! We help you be prepared to respond and get back to work as soon as possible when it does happen.


We start at the beginning through our fast and painless Cybersecurity Health Assessment. 100% of our clients experience “immediate” simple adjustments raising their security levels now and into the future.


One of the most overlooked security items in every enterprise is "Who has the Cybersecurity ball?" Based on current expertise and roles, we recommend who might be the best suited to wear the Security Officer hat and be ABP’s single point of contact to complete the ongoing partnership to safety.


From Video / Alarms / Locks / Lights / Drawers / Safes / Paper Push. Our assessment team will review and deliver helpful ideas that the average IT person may not see as a potential issue.


With the deployment of wireless networks in almost any type of environment, the risk of attacks occurring on wireless networks goes up. Unlike a wired network which requires physical access to a device, a wireless network can be targeted and exploited from a distance. We review configuration, encryption and password standards to ensure long term security of your data traffic.


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